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2010 book round-up

Happy New Year! This last year I tried to read a lot more than I have in the past few years. I am quite satisfied with my results. So now, a breakdown of the books I read.

List of books: here (numbers are slightly off, as manga series were listed with a single number, instead of a number for each volume)

Total number of books (including manga volumes): 111
Average rate of reading: 1 book every 3.288 days
Most common author (not manga): Lemony Snicket (15)
Oldest (by first publication date): Mary, A Fiction (1788)
Most recently: The Tardis Handbook (May 2010)
Most common genres that are not generic: Science Fiction and Mystery
E books: 12
J books: 42
YA books: 3
Graphic fiction: 43 (counts each manga volume)
Series (not manga) [must be numbered]: 3
Manga series: 3
Book most likely to read again: The Westing Game

Lemony Snicket: 15
Joanna Cole & Bruce Degen: 11
Diane Duane: 5
Rick Riordan: 5
Parnell Hall: 5
Debi Gliori: 3
Blue Balliett: 3
Diane Wynne Jones: 2
Jane Yolen: 2
Lewis Carroll: 2
Ann Howard Creel: 2
Max Brooks: 2
Cynthia Rylant: 1
Eric A. Kimmel: 1
Ellen Raskin: 1
Esther Friesner: 1
Rev. W. Awdry: 1
Chryssa Atkinson: 1
Amy Goldman Koss: 1
Gary Soto: 1
Mary Casanova: 1
Mary Wollstonecraft: 1
Steve Tribe: 1
Kate Sommerscale: 1

Ai Yazawa: 1 manga series, 20 volumes
Bisco Hatori: 1 m, 13 v
Kaoru Mori: 1 m, 9 v

Okay, back to my first book of 2011.