Apr. 23rd, 2014

I finished one of my jobs today and got bought lunch by my boss: beautiful salmon salad with quinoa and roasted nuts and spinach and rocket and kidney beans, followed by honeycomb ice cream. And a very full time sheet to hand in for the end of next month. :D

In celebration, two lovely things:

Neil Hannon and Yann Tiersen - or in other words, Amelie music with beautiful and tough and inspiring lyrics, sung by the gorgeous-voiced guy from Divine Comedy.

I forget how much I love Neil Hannon's voice sometimes. It is an oversight.


Literature of the English Country House, created by my University. It looks like a really fun and interesting MOOC, and I've signed up for it.

Beautiful things

Today I am thinking about tattoos, very long and very hard.

Do you have a tattoo? I'd love you to show me/tell me about it.

Apr. 22nd, 2014

Laura's Wolf is a werewolf romance novel written by a friend, so I am not a hundred percent objective in this review; on the other hand I am generally a super hard sell on werewolf romance tropes (alphas! obligatory pack dominance dynamics! UGH WHY) so perhaps this balances out my partiality?

Anyway: I enjoyed it a lot! Excellent airplane read, except for the part when we hit turbulence and I could not stop myself from thinking, "well, if this plane crashes and I am found with a Kindle frozen to a werewolf sex scene clutched in my cold dead hands, I suppose that will be some kind of karmic justice for my life as I have chosen to lead it."

Laura's Wolf, first in the series WEREWOLF MARINES (does what it says on the tin!) is about a werewolf veteran named Roy with PTSD and an ex-con-artist named Laura with different PTSD. When Laura meets Roy, he is on the run from a shady government agency, has been homeless for a few months, and is living in her dad's garage cabin.

LAURA: So ... you're a werewolf. Any ... irresistible compulsions to bay at the moon or go savage young ladies in the woods at night ....?
ROY: Actually, the biggest problem right now is that I don't seem to be able to tolerate bright lights and loud noises and light-up screens anymore, which makes me SUPER UNEMPLOYABLE. :(

I loved this! I love that the werewolf stuff is as much about disability and access concerns as it is about magic werewolf superpowers, and is really well tied into Roy's PTSD and the fact that reintegrating into civilian life was always going to be hard anyway, werewolf stuff or not. (There are definitely some magic werewolf superpowers involved too, of course.)

In general I enjoy the majority of the werewolf mythology stuff in the novel, which is clearly chosen to emphasize TEAMS and FRIENDSHIP and AVOID SKETCHY GENDER STUFF LIKE THE PLAGUE. I feel like it's been so long since I've read a werewolf story that didn't instantly put my hackles up! And I like the relationship, which as it builds becomes very much about mutual liking and respect and earned trust.

In fact I only have two real quibbles. The first is just generally a frequent romance novel quibble of mine, which is the thing with INSTANT SUPER MEGA ATTRACTION BETWEEN TWO HOT PEOPLE. (Laura is plus-sized and therefore less conventionally hot to outside eyes perhaps -- which is a fact I appreciate, by the way! -- but the first time Roy sees her he is still like "OH WOW WHAT A HOTTIE I WISH WE COULD MAKE OUT RIGHT AWAY," so the point still stands.) But this is such a requirement of the genre that I can't really complain about it, even though my personal preference is ALWAYS for romance where the participants first look at their Designated Love Interest and are like "...uh, they're OK, I guess?"

The only other thing is that -- with apologies to the author -- I just cannot believe that any human being naturally smells like lemon meringue pie.

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Not Prime Time

Not Prime Time (AO3 collection)
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Not Ready For Prime Time (Fandoms), or otherwise known as Not Prime Time, is a gen, het, femslash, and slash multifandom secret fiction exchange for medium sized fandoms, including any RPF fandoms with under 20,000 fics.

Currently we are taking sign ups from now until April 30th. There are over 200 fandoms nominated in the tag set (link above) with many fandoms overlapping with Yuletide fandoms. Here is the signup form. If you need an AO3 account invite, please let me know.

Apr. 20th, 2014

Dinner today was salad (cherry tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper, avocado, feta) with potato salad (potatoes, sweet potatoes, a little red onion, a little mayonnaise). OM NOM NOM. I had forgotten how I love avocado, but [personal profile] tacit reminded me.

Other than that I have been of little use today, only completing one job application, but it's Easter Sunday and probably allowed. Happy Easter for those of you who celebrate that sort of thing, and Happy Discounted Chocolate Eve for those who don't.

I've also - after thinking about it carefully - removed some of the teaching jobs from my list to apply for. There's no urgency just yet, and I'm wanting to find something for the longer haul this time, somewhere I can stick for a few years, pay off loans and overdrafts, learn to drive a car. I wasn't happy in teaching and I don't have to do it just yet, so I'm not going to apply even though the thought is squirming in my stomach. I am employable and I have to remember that so I don't chew through the lining of my lip.

Sunday Secrets



8.savasana       2.newfamily3.onback.imnotpretendinganymore4.asthmafrontback5.rape6.peace7.PTSD10.gay9.lawschool

With the injustices and corruption in this world, perhaps law school is exactly where we need heroes.


Charlotte, North Carolina, April 22nd, Marks the Premier of “PostSecret: The Show” >> Tickets & Information



Classic Secrets



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PostSecret Live! comes to Northern Iowa


There’s still time to get your secrets in the new book. Copy the postcard above and mail yours. Pre-order today from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Apr. 19th, 2014

I am very very tired, and very, very happy.

I spent this weekend with [personal profile] tacit and [personal profile] soupytwist and [personal profile] pennyplainknits and we watched Captain America 1&2 again, and it was lovely and wonderful and fun. And I have promised to recommend some stories soon, but this one had to be done right away.

The Care and Feeding of Traumatized Ex-Assassins by [personal profile] sholio

Steve starts to notice someone's been in his apartment while he's not there. Set after Winter Soldier; SPOILERS.

Absolutely perfect, beautifully characterised and incredibly touching.

Apr. 18th, 2014

A Cultural History of Cuba During the U.S. Occupation is one of those library books that sat on my shelf for literally over a year as I renewed it repeatedly because I kept reading, like, YA and Mercedes Lackey instead, until FINALLY I could renew it no more and was like "OK I'M GOING TO READ IT."

And, as always happens with the nonfiction books that I put off reading because I'm lazy, it was incredibly fascinating. As the title indicates, the book focuses on the four years in Cuban history right after the Spanish-American War, when the U.S. was still occupying Cuba but an all-Cuban government was on the horizon.

Marial Iglesias Utset is deliberately focusing her attention, not on major or dramatic events, but rather on how the everyday things that ordinary people do take on enormous political and ideological significance in times of cultural shift -- like, what music do you dance to and how do you dance to it, what cafes do you eat at and what are they serving, when and how and where do you display the national flag? What holidays are state-sanctioned, and what holidays do people take anyway even if the government has not formally declared them a day off? What chotchkes are being sold at the store?

(There's a great passage quoting an ad that appeared in the magazine Patria, under the heading "Long Live a Free Cuba! Independence or Death!" which then went on to advertise commemmorative pins, brooches, buttons, belts, painted plates, portraits of Jose Marti ... because everyone should support the Fatherland and be a patriot! PEOPLE ARE SO MUCH PEOPLE.)

Anyway this is the kind of history that I'm always wanting to see more of -- not who killed what in which battle, but how people live their lives through and in and around and after those battles. HISTORY IS SO INTERESTING. Why don't I read more history? (Because I'm lazy, and there are so many terrible novels out there -- but I should read more history!)

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Apr. 16th, 2014

So, as encouraged by various persons in the general vicinity of this blog, I read Gemma Files' Hexslinger series.

The plot kicks off thusly:

MAGICAL EX-PREACHER OUTLAW: I feel like this lifestyle of riding around with my homicidal gunslinger boyfriend and our merry outlaw band, committing heinous magical felonies and murdering anyone who makes homophobic slurs in our direction, is probably not sustainable in the long-term.
AN AZTEC GODDESS: I could help with that.

*several instances of human sacrifice, one impending apocalypse, one non-consensual deification and an extremely messy breakup later*

MAGICAL EX-PREACHER OUTLAW: .... it's possible I may have made some poor life choices.

The books take place just post-Civil War in a universe in which some people have magic, and magical people ... can't hang out together because they will accidentally murder each other trying to eat each other's magic, except when they manage to get round it by making out a lot instead? I wasn't entirely clear on the exact rules there. Also, magic is ... illegal? Socially frowned-upon? Allan Pinkerton is trying to recruit magic users for his Pinkerton agency, anyway. Pinkertons are highly relevant. After a magical accident, Allan Pinkerton also at one point swells up to the size of a house and starts biting people's heads off, which should give you something of a sense for the plotting style.

My feelings about the series as a whole are pretty mixed. First of all, I would be A-OK with placing a firm moratorium on fantasy novels about Aztec gods demanding human sacrifice. Why is it that nobody ever writes about Aztecs (or Mayans, for that matter) doing ANYTHING except performing human sacrifice and playing handball with intent to lead to human sacrifice? Presumably SOME PEOPLE in these VAST EMPIRES occasionally did ... other things ... with their time ...

I mean the racial politics of the books in general are not -- well, okay, that's not quite what I want to say. The racial politics are clearly very well-meant. The cast includes many characters who are not white, the Trail of Tears and the one-drop rule and the Nativist attitudes of the Bowery B'hoys are all name-checked; at one point someone delivers a speech about how if the world is going to be saved, it's because of the gays and the Chinese and the Indians and the secret Jews, so suck on that, Mr. Pinkerton!

So, like, there is plenty of representation, it is the method of it that often really did not work for meCollapse )

I mean I guess what it boils down to is that much of the time the series can't decide whether it's subverting and critiquing all the wildest tropes of the WEIRD WEST GUNSLINGER genre or gleefully embracing them, and so it's like "BOTH!" but sometimes I do not think it's possible to have your cake and eat it too in quite that way.

But, I mean, I say all this, but ... I read the whole thing! I did not have to, but I did; it was compelling and very more-ish, and I did very much appreciate the fact that many of the seemingly casual deaths ended up having consequences and mattering later. So there you go. IDFIC GALORE. If "homicidal gay gunslingers sarcastically recite the Bible, seduce Pinkertons, bring about and/or avert magical apocalypse in an extremely gory fashion" sounds like it's the kind of idfic that would appeal, then maybe check it out? I don't know, other people who have more unalloyed enthusiasm about these books, please feel free to chime in and make your pitch, I'm sort of stuck at "...well, I did read the whole thing!"

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light 'em up

Happy Passover! Gondor is hosting a sedar tonight for our D&D group, though as far as I know we won't be holding it in character.

Meanwhile it's spring. The weather this week, as I understand it, is going to get miserably cold again, but at the moment we have the sort of blustering spring rain that makes me crave summer thunderstorms. I was walking home with my jeans and shoes soaking wet and I didn't even care, because summer is coming! At the cafe we're running through all our cold brew before noon and the poor ice machine can't keep up with demand, but all the customers are so happy, which is incredibly pleasant.

Mostly what I've been doing this week is having awful wrecking Winter Soldier feelings. I am not going to deny these feelings! (After Thor came out I spent this precious week going "Huh, what an interesting flash-in-the-pan investment I'm having! I'm sure it'll end soon," and this is the SAME LEVEL OF INTENSITY, by which I mean, lots.) I've read a post-film fic where a line of Natasha's made me tear up, and I've been making vids in my head and tearing up more because I just love Sam Wilson so much, and I really definitely cannot hold all these feels, so instead I'm reading Black Widow comics and feeling cranky about Hydra and trying to think of an action plot to hang my OT4 story on. (I'm also not going to make it 100k. I just. Nope. I'm hoping wistfully that it'll be under 50k instead, hahaha you fool it's never under 50k when you have this many feelings.)

I'm also. Hm. I'm having some complicated Bucky feelings?Collapse )

And I'm genuinely excited for new SHIELD /o\ I still think they haven't decided where they want to come down on the morality scale, but at least CAtWS made the question actually interesting, and I'm pretty psyched for the version of the show where these losers are running around like headless chickens trying to figure out who the hell their allies are. WE SHALL SEE.

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Last through the door again!

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Kickass tagine


1 red onion
4 cloves of garlic
two peppers
three courgettes
two large carrots
two sweet potatoes
one butternut squash
two tins of chickpeas (drained)
two cartons of passata
one Sports Direct mug of vegetable stock
a buttload of paprika
half a buttload of cumin
half a buttload of ginger


Chop up the onion and garlic, then fry it up in a little oil with the spices. Once the onion is adequately soft, add the passata, stir in, and leave on a low heat.

Put all the vegetables, cut up into bitesize pieces (this will take FOREVER with the squash I am just saying), and the chickpeas into a mahoosive pan of some kind.

Pour the passata mixture over the vegetables. Realise there is not enough liquid. PANIC! Mix up about 500ml of veg stock, ish? I dunno. It's a big fuckin' mug. Add to pan.

Bring to boil. Then lower to lowest possible flame and cook for... two hours? Ish?

Eat. Bowl. Feta is good crumbled on top. NOM.

Also achieved today: laundry, hoovering, academic reading, tidying, tan.


Apr. 14th, 2014


I am so out of the loop. So Very.


#1: Paul Bettany is going to be in the Avengers. Properly, this time.

#2: There exists a photo of Paul Bettany kissing Johnny Depp.


I need nothing else.

Good Omens Question

Morning all! :D

I am creating a digital library as part of my MSc, and creating a metadata schema for it, and such. In order to keep myself interested I have called it 'Note for Americans and Other Aliens' and it's a digital library of Good Omens context. There are so many pop culture references in there that it's a gold mine.

(And yes, I'm going to use AO3 stats to justify its existence - my lecturers are all very aware of the whole fanfic thing).

So far I have:

Gardener's Question Time podcast
Handel's Water Music
Best of Queen
A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square
Hound Dog

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly (for Lee Van Cleef)

1926 Bentley

Quoits Rules
Aziraphale's New Year's Resolutions

I'm still pondering this, but I can't reeeeeeally justify the time for a re-read (:() so if anyone's got any ideas for other items they'd be hugely appreciated! :D

Apr. 13th, 2014

It's time for me to talk about Invisible Ficathon, because it proved a FONT OF DELIGHTS. There's a ton of amazing stuff in that archive, but for the record a SIGNIFICANT PERCENTAGE of the very best stuff was written for me. >:D

The Hidden Island; or, the Eyebrows of Fate, The Lost Heir - Phoebe Marlowe

"I may," he added, "have the moral fiber of a ravening wolf, but I lack the talent to display it in greenery."

Even before I read the fic I guessed that [personal profile] rymenhild had written it, which meant I had exceedingly high expectations that were NOT AT ALL disappointed. For those of you who remember, The Lost Heir is the novel that causes all the trouble in Heyer's Sylvester; this is the story of what happens when a BEAUTIFUL YOUNG LADY is stranded on EVIL COUNT UGOLINO'S ISLAND, and it is beautiful and perfect and subverts expectations in the best possible way.

First Steps Past the End of the World, Millie Goes to School/Revolutionary Girl Utena

The shadows around Nanami were apt to take on odd shapes as various students bent mirrors or disingenuously brushed against lamp-shades in her presence, and whispers of witchly weirdness found their ways to her on the breeze.

Then Nanami's omelet turned back into an egg one morning at breakfast, and the school realised that something greater than a caper was afoot.

I gave out such a shriek of delight when I found this my inbox; THE PERSON WHO WROTE THIS IS A GENIUS. Nanami Goes to School! Merry pranksters and good-natured abound, except that Nanami came from Ohtori and therefore everything is AWFUL and WEIRD until Nanami is helped by the power of BELIEF and FEMSLASH. I love Nanami so much. I love this fic so much.

Millie Goes On a Date, Millie Goes to School

It didn't matter, in the end, that Millie had received a perfect score on her maths prep, or how many delicious crumpets with lashings of jam had been at breakfast, or how utterly scrumptious Lydia Worthington was when she cornered Millie behind the Infant School dormitories. It only mattered that tonight was the full moon, and last Saturday, Millie had been bitten by a werewolf.

SPEAKING OF FEMSLASH, if what you are looking for is adorable magical boarding school girls going on adorable dates with each other (while combating unfortunate accidental werewolfing) -- and let's be real, who among us is not looking for that -- then this is certainly the ficlet for you. So adorable! I would read SO MUCH of this.

Eating Cookies, Les Mousserables

Look, you're a very selfish monster
Because you don't act fair!

And just for the delightful cherry on my Invisible Ficathon sundae, someone took Sesame Street's Les Mis parody (which is here, if anyone hasn't seen it and would like to) and wrote me a themed ... to Sondheim's "Barcelona." From Company. I'M SORRY, I'M STILL DEAD OF LAUGHTER.

So those were my gifts, and they were all perfect, but there was also a ton of other stuff worth reading in the ficathon. The other great thing about this ficathon is because it's all based around stuff that doesn't exist anyway, in many cases (though not all) zero 'canon' ... metacanon? supercanon? ... knowledge is required.

More recs below the cut!Collapse )

So that was ... like half the ficathon I just linked. I'M SORRY, it was all really good! Also, for completion's sake, I also wrote a thing: Gifts for the Adon, a short Dalemark mythology story about Manialiabrid of the Undying and her uncle. Mostly what happened is I accidentally gave myself Opinions about Manaliabrid's personality while writing it, which I had never particularly had before...

Anyway I had a ton of fun with the whole thing; I hope it happens again next year!

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I have been working very hard lately

If I am to treat myself, should it be...



Or both? :D

(Apologies for lack of poll)

Sunday Secrets



1.done 2.523.beardedlady 7.netflix 6.tv4.duke

People do care… and you’re not the only one who has had that thought. I owe my life to my Duke friends and my therapist at Duke’s counseling center…

I live in the next town over (Chapel Hill), and I care very much about how much you’re hurting.  Please reach out to those around you to stay safe.  You can find out about suicide intervention resources in our community here: http://www.trianglesuicideprevention.org/resources.htm .  Be well.  You are worth the time and effort it takes to heal.

I looked on the Duke website and found some information about the University’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS).  They are located at 214 Page Building and the phone number is 919-660-1000.  There are people who care and they are there for a reason!

Hi Frank
Just wanted to say…
I care.
If they’d like someone to talk to, they can email me.

5.priority    8.foreverfront back10.justaskmestickerChar

Tickets for the all new “PostSecret: The Show” are available Online Now.



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ten million fireflies
a foxtrot above my head
a sock hop beneath my bed
a disco ball is just hanging by a thread

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